Case Study

board table

Board demanded, rapid, sustainable change

The need to overhaul Underwriting and Claim processes was driven by mounting losses

Opportunities faced were:

  • Mounting losses could not longer be sustained
  • Claims management was rated as the worst seen by the Reinsurer
  • High levels of new business in suspense were not converting into sales
  • Poor feedback from customers driven by delays in completing new business
  • High staff turnover and difficulty in recruiting talented new staff
  • The legacy of failure of previous attempts

The immediate imperative was to rally the group around the opportunities faced, securing the public support from the Executive driving the imperative to change

A portfolio of initiatives was soon launched with the following outcomes

  • Improving the relationship between underwriting and claims
  • Improved availability and accuracy of operational and profitability metrics in order to focus staff on challenges and sell improvements made
  • Opened up a dialogue with Sales and Marketing in order to promote understanding and build relationships
  • Secured the support of the Reinsurer
  • Ensured that one on one meetings were regularly held between with staff and supervisors
  • Insisted on regular, structured team meetings and one on ones taking place
  • Quick wins were reducing suspense levels and establishing a NSW standalone branch
  • Significant improved in new business turnaround times
  • Restructure of the Claims and Underwriting areas
  • Key roles were filled with fresh talent
  • Productivity was benchmarked and case loads were readjusted to best practice levels
  • External assistance was recruited in order to perform file reviews leading to increased mentoring of staff
  • Expanded the use of specialist’s resources (CMO’s)
  • Boosted training times
  • Quality monitored through low key Claim and Underwriting audits
  • Focused claims assessment on early intervention claims assessment in order to reduce claims duration


  • Claims duration was reduced by 29% bringing it inline with acceptable industry benchmarks
  • Claims reserves reduced by 10% within 9 months without affecting inflows
  • New business suspense levels reduced by 15% in 6 months
  • New business turnaround was slashed by 50%
  • Reduction in reserves was sustained. Two years after the initiative, reserves were reduced by an additional AUD40M


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