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If programs are not carefully engineered, resistance to change may soon erode benefits, weakening the programs sustainability

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Known also as BPR, BPM, Organisational Design, this approach is used when you need a significant boost to performance

The track record of BPM/BPR is improving. A 2002 study found 73% of 327 projects surveyed reported meeting or exceeding expectations. The same study reported 70% of projects realised benefits within 6 months.

 While the majority of these initiatives are sparked by the need to reduce expenses, other reasons are the pressures to remain competitive, the need to improve customer satisfaction and improve quality

Keys to success are Simplicity, Focus, Energy and Alignment

Specifically, some of the aspects you could focus on are:

  • Clear, aligned support from senior sponsors
  • Alignment to corporate strategy
  • Strong, diverse project team
  • Defined, measurable business outcomes
  • Specific and tangible business case
  • Using a proven methodology
  • The need to show results quickly

When you really begin to structure transformation programs effectively then your organisation will evolve and derive benefits that you would not have believed possible. Projects fail when programs are not structured effectively.

You don’t have to engage consultants deliver these benefits, however you may wonder what value can be generated from independent consultants skilled in designing and implementing these programs.

Case Study

Consultants experience in the transformation of the underwriting and claims process within a Tier 1 Financial services institution


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