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Projects used to be judged on delivering on time and to budget. Not anymore. Realisation of real, tangible benefits are the keys to success.

KPMG’s 2005 Global IT Project Management Survey indicate that 86% of organisations lose up to 25% of targeted benefits.

The fact that so much potential may be lost means that expertise in creating frameworks that identify, quantify and deliver value is critical to the success of any program

  • Are your compliance frameworks tailored to deliver tangible financial benefits?
  • It is important to make full use of strong, diverse, teams focused on what matters.
  • All decisions need to be made on the basis of value creation, against time and/or budget.

When you really begin to engage skillful, independent, and dedicated peer leaders to lead your effort, the success of your programs is substantially increased.

Case Study

Consultants experience. Launching a revolutionary new Retail Insurance Product and Platform


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