Team Building

With team building, building rapport is the key ....

Team dynamics can seem governed by forces that are complex, and unfathomable.

The heart of the success any interaction lies in the level of rapport built between individuals, or groups.

Rapport is not about being liked, giving in to demands or being showered with gifts. Rapport is establishing a robust, open form of communication where each party can appreciate what needs drive the behaviour of themselves and others. Parties are able to communicate without the need to interpret or “mind read” hidden meanings or unspecified agenda’s.

There a variety of techniques available that can build rapport. Focusing on strengthening mutual appreciation and dependance of each other, and the ability to view the interaction impartially.

Successful implementations of these methods evolve around a basic, but extremely powerful paradigm.

Every group or individual acts with a positive perspective. Problems can arise when groups do not believe they have the necessary influence or options available to meet their aims. Behaviours can turn toward inflexibility, defensiveness and ultimately, to open or passive conflict.


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